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Christine Martel
Christine Martell, MA (Education)
Based in Portland, Oregon
Principal, VisualsSpeak
Core Capabilities: Inspiring connections through images  |  Process artistry  |  Intercultural communication training  |  Throwing life lines to people who really need to discover new openings
Adriana Medina Lopez Portillo, PhD (Language, Literature and Culture)
Based in Baltimore, Maryland
Assistant Professor of Intercultural Communication and
         Spanish at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
      • Associate Faculty at the Summer Institute of Intercultural
        Recent Projects:
      • Director of Training Initiatives at The Scholar Ship
      • Conflict management and communications styles workshops
         for Institute of International Education (IIE)
Core Capabilities: Intercultural and diversity trainer  |  International education program development  |  Mindfulness and self awareness  |  Conflict styles
Brea Robinson Brea Robinson
Based in Baltimore, Maryland
        Recent Projects:
      • Outward Bound instructor
      • Trainer of Volunteers for Special Olympics
Core Capabilities: Creating personalized experiences and accommodations for people with special needs  |  Outdoor and adventure education  |  Turning challenges into triumph
alex Alex Schein
Based in Rosendale, New York
Musician, Poet, Youth Educator
        Recent Projects:
      • Producing music albums and videos
      • Collaboration with Hip-Hop B-Boys and Dakota/Lakota Sioux
         Fancy Dance
Core Capabilities: Spoken word and the power of language  | Creativity and the industrial culture  |  Music and self-discovery  | Utilizing the arts as a tool for renewal
Jeff Jeff Smithson
Based in Mansfield Center, Connecticut
        Recent Projects:
      • Corporate communications coaching with Performance of a
      • Making a difference in the lives of children with Big Apple
         Circus Clown Care Program and NY Goofs
Core Capabilities: Communications training for health care professionals  |  Empowering youth through art and activities in hospitals  |  Improvisational games for teambuilding  |  Adapting for success in the moment  |  Physicality workshops: learning through moving, moving through life

Jessica Tudos, M.Ed (Experiential Education)
Based in Toronto, Canada
Titles: Founder, Director of Kika Creative
        Recent Projects:
      • Contemporary outdoor & public art show management
     • Education gala fundraiser facilitation & coordination
      • Clean Air Champions environmental advocacy & education
Core Capabilities: Community innovation  |  International education  |  Large-scale cultural events  |  Experiential facilitation and teaching  |  Program implementer

Amer Ahmed Amer Ahmed, MA (Anthropology and Black Studies)
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Titles:  Associate Director of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs,
           University of Michigan
      • Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for Hip Hop Congress
Core Capabilities: Race, ethnicity and privilege  |  Muslim American culture  |  Intercultural social justice  |  Hip Hop interculturalism  |  Art and activism
Cherine Badawi Cherine Badawi, MA (Public Administration and Peace and Conflict Studies)
Based in San Francisco, California
Title: Curriculum and Training Director for The Mosaic Project
        Recent Projects
      • Experiential education specialist, interculturalist and
         community builder on The Scholar Ship
      • Developed handbook on diversity and intercultural education
         for International Bureau of Education-UNESCO
      • Senior trainer for Challenge Day
Core Capabilities: Experiential domestic diversity training  |  Theatre of the Oppressed  |  Rhythm and music as teambuilding  |  Authentic purposeful exchange
Antimo Cimino Antimo Cimino, MA (Intercultural Relations)
Based in Manchester, UK
Title: Project Manager, Oliver Wyman
(Global Management Consulting Firm)
Core Capabilities: Italian culture  |  Intercultural competence and awareness  |  Global corporate leadership consulting  |  Discovery of assumptions through photography  |  Exploring commonality and difference with culinary arts
Julie Clemons Julie Clemons, MA candidate (Education)
Based in Canaan, New Hampshire
Title: Adventure Educator
        Recent Projects:
      • Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs, Dartmouth College
      • Teaching English to Russian students in Bulgaria
Core Capabilities: Adventure education through the mediums of wilderness, ropes course, and agriculture
Anna Darrah Anna Darrah
Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Titles: Writer, Director, Producer
      • Director of Acquisitions, Spiritual Cinema Circle
        Recent projects:
      • Produced 3 documentaries (2 of which aired on the Sundance
      • Wrote, directed and produced The Matter of Magic
      • Panelist and author of a chapter in book about how to make
         short films
Core Capabilities: Develop and present inspirational content for living a more awakened and fulfilling life, with examples from popular films
Molly Howitt

Molly Howitt MA (Art and Teaching)
Based in Istanbul, Turkey
Title: Curriculum Designer / Teacher / Program Creator
        Recent projects:
      • Designed and implemented (including teacher training) early
         childhood language intervention program for the Deaf in
         Istanbul, Turkey
      • Created psychosocial health program for orphaned and
         institutionalized children in Kabul, Afghanistan
      • Developed 3-year traditional arts mastery training program to
         preserve and revive traditional Afghan art and craft
Core Capabilities: Deaf/Sign Language Education  |  Craniosacral Therapy  |  Yoga for Children and Adults  |  Ceramics and Screen Printing  |  International Art/Cultural Programs

Jackie M Jackie M
Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Title: Director of Education and Public Programs,
           Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
      • Board Chair, Creative Santa Fe
      • Co-chair of the Southwest Regional Alliance of ArtTable
        Recent Projects:
      • UNESCO’s Creative Cities host
      • New Mexico Advisory Council for the Institute of Arts in
Core Capabilities: Museum education  |  Gender-based arts programming for empowerment
Maroghini Maroghini
Based in Kingston, Jamaica
Title: Master Drummer
      • Lecturer in the Percussion faculty at Edna Manley College of
         Visual and Performing Arts
Core Capabilities: Afro- and Indo- Jamaican Spiritual Drumming  |  Jamaican Culture  |  Drumming in rituals and for psychic healing