Creative Facilitations

Educational Program Development - Anything but normal
...Social change.
...Making the world a better place.
...Finding that “aha!” moment.

"You are an INCREDIBLE person, with the youth, with us,
with everything around you. You're a great leader
and exactly what we needed."
- Program Staff Member, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Stephanie Pollack Education

"Stephanie designed a series of group experiences that helped our students give an honest description and interpretation of their experiences in Mexico and Jamaica, and put those experiences in a larger perspective."
- Nevin Brown, President, International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership

Creative facilitations

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"You are an awesome individual with
some big balls to take on a group like us."
- D.M.

Whether your program is new or already in process, we support the advancement of university, museum, not-for-profit organization, summer camp, and study abroad initiatives through creating, revitalizing, evolving, and leading education programs.

Program Enhancement
Your education program is going pretty well. Maybe some systems do not flow perfectly and you just know things could be better, somehow. You want your program to be the best, to have the most impact, to be the most life-changing.

We have the ability, experience, and passion to take your program to a higher level. We’ve done it before and we can do it for you. Our programs have won national awards.
    We enhance already existing education programs by:
    • Redefining mission, goals and outcomes
    • Bolstering creativity
    • Streamlining processes
    • Boosting curriculum
    • Trouble shooting and problem solving
    • Infusing experiential education practice
    • Training staff

We can also help your program become more socially, environmentally, and culturally competent - setting it apart from others.

New Program Development
At Creative Facilitations, we create programs that are not the norm. We do leadership through theatre, mentoring through service. We do gender empowerment while building trails in the woods and deal with “-isms” (racism, ageism, sexism) while camping. We do diversity through Jamaican drumming and Hip Hop.

    Education program specialty areas:
    • Study Abroad
    • Leadership
    • Mentoring
    • Orientation Programs
    • Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
    • Service Learning, Community Service, and Volunteering
    • Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness, and Gender Empowerment
    When developing a new program, we build a relationship with you to understand your organization and goals for your program. We can then approach the next step in one of two ways:
    1. Collaborating closely with you from concept development, through the execution and evaluation of your program and into subsequent years, if so desired.
    2. Once we are assigned the task, you can let us loose to do our development thing – the way we know how. We’ll only contact you at pre-determined steps and/or times.

Either way, you’re encouraged to provide us with input so we can modify each aspect of the program as its development unfolds to ensure proper outcomes. We’re happy to do whatever best suits your employees/students, needs, and time availability.

Program Leadership
Leadership of a program either makes it successful or a flop. We’re the trouble shooters organizations call when they want quality, sure-fire, amazing leadership.

We get calls to save programs in mid-stream when they’re on the edge of possible failure, or early in the beginning to ensure success.

Whether you created it yourself or we created it for you, whether it’s a weekend event or a year-long program, our passion for leading knows no bounds. This passion is transferred to participants and creates successful programs, again and again.

Duration of education programs is up to you: weekend, summer, semester, or multiple years - we have experiencce doing them all.