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"Wow! Thank you so much for being there for us.
I absolutely love what you do!"
- David Goshorn, Northwest Coaches Association

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"Stephanie has been a vital Windsor Mountain community
member over the course of countless seasons. . .
Upon arrival she is blended back into the fabric of life here,
helping, offering, supporting and generally contributing. . .
It's a delight to have her come around!"
-Sarah Herman, Director, Windsor Mountain

Questions? We like questions. In fact, we thrive on questions.

What is unique about Creative Facilitations?
Our diverse CF team has a broad base of global experience specializing in creative interactive activities that increase learning and deepen the experience for all who attend.

How did you get so varied in your methods?
Our team is intensely curious and our personal interests have evolved over time in various global locales. If a methodology catches our interest we study it, practice it, refine it, study it again, practice it some more, and so on. Only then will we add it into our repertoire.

How do you develop a program that’s unique to my needs?
Collaboration and creative problem solving are two ways in which we support our clients. We work to get to know your organizational culture and we develop personal relationships with you. We listen. We ask questions. We listen some more. We are always in search of the best creative solution for your problem.

I’m open to doing something creative and out of the box, but I’m not sure my co-workers will agree to it. What do you suggest?
Often, the best way around this is not to discuss the methods being planned with the participants. But do let them know that the planned outcomes will meet expectations! CF methods are highly engaging and start out as low risk. By the end, the people who were questioning you the most will say they had no idea the process of meeting objectives could be so productive and so much fun!

Does CF take on both short- and long-term projects?
We enjoy infusing our energy and ideas to both short projects and very long programs, often programs that last for years. Yes, we’ll take on projects of any length.

How would you help us create an education program?
Launching educational programs is one of our specialties. There’s really nothing we can’t do. Imagine brainstorming sessions paddling in a kayak and looking up at the gorgeous blue sky to encourage the creative juices to flow. We often conduct sessions in office/classroom settings and find that working in a non-traditional format outside or inside the office walls can be the most productive.

Can you help us move our already existing education program to the next level?
Absolutely. We can guide you with methods that will take your program to a higher level of professionalism and creativity. Many of the programs we’ve fine-tuned have won awards:

What are the benefits of having CF conduct a training for us?
Developing people is what we do best. Methodologies are customized to the needs of the training and individuals involved, creating an experience that brings enjoyment to everyone. We pride ourselves in the fact that our trainers are interesting and engaging, and that their enthusiasm is contagious, which moves the entire group experience toward success.

How can we benefit from a community building session guided by CF?
Building community and watching it grow and thrive defines the core of our belief system toward all of humanity, professionally and personally. Our community building facilitators naturally draw people to them with their positive energy, enthusiasm, and belief that "this is good, let's make it better!” We first assess the group. We then choose the proper activities for that particular group. And finally, we revel in the fact that our facilitators are the best in the business.

How might you help us to transform our organization?
We have the ability to analyze situations from multiple perspectives and propose creative solutions for organizational cultural change. Transparency in the process, gaining buy-in, and maintaining a positive attitude are all key. We support individuals by helping them learn coping strategies for use during transitions (this personal empowerment lessens stress and ultimately benefits the organization as a whole). In addition to consulting on the overall process, we have served as Interim staff (Executive Director, Director, Manager, and Coordinator levels). We leave organizations in an infinitely stronger position upon completion of our work.

Why should you facilitate our retreat?
We fully believe the 24/7 intensive experience of working and living together brings an opportunity for a group to go deeper. The lack of distractions from the outside world helps evolve the group energy – building bonds which have a profound effect on interpersonal relationships. Our expertise in this area will insure your group will be guided in a thoughtful, effective, and attentive manner to bring about maximum success.

Are we limited to places and number of people for our event?
There are little or no limitations when working with us. We are seasoned U.S. and world travelers. We will gladly travel to your location wherever that may be, and happily invite you to send us on a far-flung adventure – Antarctica anyone?! We have no requirements on the number of participants for a community building event, training session, or retreat. Present your ideas to us and we will make it work.

Do the participants of your sessions have to be artistically inclined?
No, absolutely not. We nurture the creative self in every person.

Are you going to make us do silly things?
Only if you want us to.