Creative Facilitations

Organizational Transformation
We can make it happen.


"With your skilled guidance, hard work,
dedication, and flexibility, we
grew as a group and learned to work as one."
- Participant, Landmark Volunteers

Community building with Creative Facilitations

"Stephanie has an incredible ability to hold a mirror
up to a situation and identify what's really happening,
clearly and succinctly."
- anonymous program participant

During a minor or radical shift in your organization, it helps to bring in outsiders with the skills to support the process and the people. We are change agents who can take your organization where it needs to go: to become a healthy environment with shared priorities and clear communication.

The intricacies of change
Change can be filled with venting and negativity, which only brings everyone down. We focus on the positives.
    We base transformational processes on two questions:
    1. "What is working well?"
    2. "What could be better?"
It makes all the sense in the world to figure out what is good and worth holding on to, and to celebrate and multiply it. With individual and group action plans created in an interactive way by you and your colleagues, positive buy-in is the first step toward success.
    Samples of past organizational transformation projects:
    1. Discovered misunderstandings and supported changes across departments acting as a multicultural affairs consultant during new director search.
    2. Coached employees through a crisis, saving the organization from turnover.
    3. Surfaced issues from MA students concerning their multinational degree program. Delivered comprehensive analysis to President for follow-up action.
    4. Deepened understanding of diversity issues throughout the organization and implemented changes toward inclusivity.
    5. Supported a new boss by helping her set expectations with her team and recreate the team’s culture.

Creative Facilitations can help transform the way your employees communicate with one another. Share that your favorite afternoon snack is fruit (rather than the usual junk food) and, voila, people know how to make you happy during a meeting. Learn that your colleague prefers to communicate via phone and you can stop wasting time with emails that don’t get answered. By letting it be known that 4pm is your least productive time of day, people will request morning meetings.

When colleagues have good trusting, supportive, and fun working relationships with each other – with clear expectations and transparent work habits – things become easier. Productivity and happiness levels skyrocket. Now that’s transformation. Yeah!

In addition to consulting on the overall change process, we serve as interim staff (Executive Director, Director, Manager, and Coordinator levels) for up to a year. We leave organizations in an infinitely stronger position than when we started.