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Creative Facilitations testimonials Stephanie and the group Stephanie Pollack - founder testimonials

"Just one hour with you and I was filled with a need to get my engines running in the same way that you do – with clarity, positive drive, and compassion in this world. Thanks for sharing your inspiration."
-Coaching client

"I’ve had a lot of facilitators
and you were by far the best!
-Amber, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

"You have a unique talent for building team capacity and for helping organizations through transitions. You make any change process joyful."
-Margaret D. (Peggy) Pusch, former Executive Director, Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research

"This retreat was the best in our team’s history. You’re very intuitive with a great ability to sense our collective needs. Thank you for your sensitivity. We’d love to have you facilitate again."
- Jill, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

"No matter the problem I came to you with, you were able to go to the root of it and come up with simple, elegant, effective solutions that I couldn’t always see."
-Kelli, San Diego Maritime Museum

"The quality of service we received from you was superlative. I’m so appreciative of your flexibility and willingness to toss the script and improvise if issues come up that require more attention — and yet, you manage to keep us on task and on track."
- David Shein, Assistant Dean of the College, Bard College

"You are an outstanding facilitator with a keen sense of
direction and purpose. Love your energy! Galvanizing!"
-Ernie, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

"You are my role model, Stephanie. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to in adulthood."
- Brenda, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's Art & Leadership Program for Girls age 12

"The way you care for and about SO much for SO many people is a mystery to me. Thanks for all of your
support and encouragement."
- Participant, Landmark Volunteers

"You are an amazing woman. You can connect with any kind of person wherever they are and give whatever they need. You have the gift of bringing peace to strangers, putting people at ease, and making even the most tight among us smile and laugh.
The world needs more Stephanies!"
- Elie Cole, Owner, Nourishing Medicine

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