Creative Facilitations

Bring out the best in your people.

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“You are an amazing facilitator!”
             - Dr. Miki Yamashita
                     SIETAR (Society for Intercultural
                     Education, Training and Research)

Trainings by Creative Facilitations are always custom designed to meet your needs. “Off-the-shelf” approaches do not work for us because people do not fit neatly into little boxes. (We consider that a good thing.) As acutely aware, flexible and highly skilled facilitators, we adapt sessions on the spot to meet needs as they arise.

Our engaging, interactive, and artistic methods for training have been proven to make a positive difference. We inspire those who are stuck. We present opportunities for “Aha!” moments. Our passion and enthusiasm are infectious.

Our trainings incorporate expertise from various disciplines, including Intercultural Communication, Education, Business/Management/Leadership, Organizational Development, Psychology, the Arts, and Conflict Resolution.

With such a broad range of disciplines, the opportunities for growth are endless.
    The following topics are our specialties:
    1. Cultural Diversity: Intercultural communication, cultural proficiency, multicultural teams, cultural conflict styles, the –isms (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.), identity, the creativity of diversity.
    2. Communication Skills: Nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication, business communication methods, communicating on virtual teams, public speaking, active listening.
    3. Education: Learning and teaching styles, experiential education, interactive teaching, using the arts for training, multiple intelligences, appreciative inquiry, critical thinking, service-learning, mentoring, coaching, facilitation techniques.
    4. Supervision/Management: Leadership, group/team development, relationship building, conflict prevention, negotiation, facilitation, transition and change management, power, organizational behavior, program/project planning and implementation.
    5. Empowerment and Personal Development: Awareness, empathy, tolerance, engagement, intuition, stress management, goal setting, career planning, creativity, motivation, the power of play and laughter, transitions and coping strategies.
For natural born leaders, or for those who like to lead others, CF’s “Train-the-Trainer” series is another service provided.
    This series touches on the following topics:
    • Expert Group Facilitation
    • Increasing Participant Learning
    • Conducting Teambuilding Sessions
    • Understanding Group Dynamics
CF’s Train-the-Trainer series can prepare leaders in the following areas:
    For Corporations:
    • Cultural Diversity and Innovation in the Workplace
    • Virtual Communication Effectiveness
    • Conflict Style Proficiency
    For Study Abroad:
    • Pre-Departure Orientation
    • Making the Most of the Study Abroad Experience
    • Managing the Transition Home
    For Faculty Development and Train-the-Trainer:
    • Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
    • Interactive Teaching
    • The Mentoring Relationship